Mission & Vision

Vikram S. Kirloskar
Vice Chairman

Message from Vice Chairman

More than a Century old, Kirloskar Group is a household name in India. In the pursuit of developing indigenous technology and industry, the affiliation with TMC to form TKM (Toyota Kirloskar Motor) in 1997 marked a significant beginning. Continuing the thrust to work for the growth of Indian industry, the establishment of TKAP in 2002 marked another milestone in our history.

Toyota has a phenomenal technical expertise in auto parts and TKAP today demonstrates this global quality both in its facilities and products.

TKAP, as an established manufacturer of transmission and engines, is now well set to become one of India's leading auto component companies.

K G Mohan Kumar
Managing Director

Message from Managing Director

India continues as one of the fast-growing economies of the world with a high potential to become the 3rd largest passenger vehicle market by 2025 and continue to grow thereafter.

Indian Auto Component Industry presents a positive picture as well, contributing 2.3% to India’s GDP and employing over 5 million persons. With a strong 13% CAGR achieved over the last 6 years, this industry is worth more than USD 57 Billion in 2018-19 and expected to become the 3rd largest in the world by 2025.

India is also blessed with a vast human talent and established supply chain of automotive manufacturing. The challenges on technology front are even more promising as India gets ready to leap-frog into Euro-VI, CAFE2 and Electric mobility. We, at TKAP, are poised well to take this challenge by drawing on the strengths of Toyota and Aisin and offer advanced solutions on all these fronts, with drive                                          train products that meet the customer expectations and regulatory requirements.

At TKAP, with a highly skilled human resource pool, we have established a global production facility, having quick set up change capability that enhances flexibility and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. We keenly look forward to strengthening our Indian footprint with “ever better products” in the drive train segment, to realise our vision - WIN INDIA, WIN THE WORLD.