Front Wheel Drive Hybrid Transaxle

Product Description

The THS#4 Hybrid Vehicle Transaxle is part of Toyota’s flagship hybrid powertrain. It is equipped with cutting-edge motor generators and a power split device, which allow for a seamless blend between the engine and the motor as power sources while operating each at its optimum.

The e-CVT delivers excellent acceleration performance and high fuel efficiency through the “SELF-CHARGING HYBRID SYSTEM.” TKAP’s P910 is exported back to Japan, making it the first time in the world that it will be used on vehicles that are made in Japan.

5-Spd Rear Wheel Drive Manual Transmission

Product Description

The R-150 Manual Transmission is a time-tested 3-shaft Manual Transmission designed for Utility Vehicles. Across the globe, this transmission drives many MUVs, SUVs and pick-up Trucks of Toyota & Mitsubishi.

Rear Wheel Drive Axle​

Product Description

The IMV RR Axle is a semi-floating type of RR Axle designed to be mated to both open-type and limited slip-type differentials. Across the globe, this axle drives both 4×2 and 4×4 versions of many MUVs, SUVs and pickup trucks of Toyota.

Rear Wheel Propeller Shaft

Product Description

The IMV Propeller Shaft is a 2-piece split shaft designed for Front Engine Rear Wheel drive vehicles. Across the globe, this IMV Propeller Shaft forms a critical part of the drivetrains of many MUVs, SUVs and pickup trucks of Toyota.

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